Empire StateBuilding From NJ

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A victim of Jesse Lee’s quick acting motivation to wipe out free speech, it’s time to boycott the blogger, blogspot family, as they’re spawned off by Google, and Chrome must join the landfill as well.   My blogs, all under one email were pretty consistent as conservative, yet varied, but extremely loyal to Mr. Obama, his administration and exposing the Truths that contradict the total hoax of a regime out to end the Unites States of America as we knew it.

I’m exhausted from attempting to enter my blogs dashboards, and even posting lints through the add it button.. I had been for the last few days, then whammo, it’s been highjacked.. The password doesn’t work , no many how many times I retry it, and I know all the detai;s and had no problem getting logged on for continued posting.. Well, that’s a  change we never hoped for.. And Whoo-hoo, the Prezidumbo actually does something he says he will.  What a Loser in Chief. Can’t wait for him to fade out and away.

Remember that pesky piece of paper, THE CONSTITUTION!! Ring a bell in that pin hollow head?

I thought so, and now there are more lucky “coincidences” of distraction.. They’re piling up, stacking into a pile as high as the Empire State Building.  The work I have to do is extensive, as I gathered a bunch of awesome information.  I refuse to let it all go, I hope others agree, We need to oust the dude with a drive-through degree.  It means nothing, obviously, and has been nothing but detrimental to the American people, hopefully to your demise.

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